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While I still have lots of photos to edit from this trip (over 300 from Minter Gardens alone) I have a few that are done that I want to share. Some are some photos taken from my wife’s aunt’s house in Abbotsford area.

Barn Mountain DP

Africa in Abbotsford


The next few are a couple of samples from the Minter Garden’s trip.

Lavender 3

Flower Water PNCH

Flower Water Selenium

Hope you enjoyed these. More editing being done all the time. I took a photowalk tonight, so I’ll try and get those ones done soon. I also have the interim photowalks I’ve been promising.

In other news I got a fancy new reflector today – it arrived in the mail. It’s a 42 inch reflector, so it’s actually kind of gigantic. I have some new business cards coming as well – can’t wait to see them!


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Last night I went to a workshop run by Northern Persona Photography, called Photographing People. It was excellent! 6 hours of learning, combined with some fun exercised to break up the pure lecturing time and a photoshoot at the end.

Samantha came to be my model and we had an hour at an awesome property. Her outfit was stellar and worked with so many backgrounds there. My favourites were the old wood buildings though, by far. Here are a couple of the images we took as my 20th photowalk.

By the way, I realize I’m out of order – but I wanted to get back on track. I have a more photowalks done that need to be posted so expect some catchup in the upcoming days.

Sam 2
I loved the wall texture and colour in this one.

Sam 3
Black and White crop and edit of the previous. I wanted to pull in tighter and focus on her eyes.

Sam 7
Her favourite of the shoot. I love the composition and mood of this photo.

Sam 8
My favourite of the shoot. I like her body shape and pose, and the mood evoked here as well.

I hope you enjoy!

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I need your help. See – I’m really indecisive – I guess it’s part of being a Libra.

I’m entering the Photolife Emerging Photographer of the Year contest – open to Canadian photographers only. I’m going to need to submit 3 of my photographs for judging – they of course, should be my “best of the best”.

I’m thinking of using my photograph “Trust – Split Toned” as one of my submissions. “Frostflowers” has gotten good reviews as well, it’s my photograph that has been published in Snapixel Magazine.

I’m torn for what my 3rd choice should be. Any suggestions?

While you’re at it, feel free to suggest any of my other photographs for my first two submissions as well – these are not set in stone yet.



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New Website

My new website is up. I now own jclossphoto.com, jeffclossphotography.com and jclossphotography.com

I’m using wordpress hosted on my own domain with the Photocrati theme. It’s pretty awesome, and gives me alot of customization options. I like that I’m familiar enough with the backend that I can make the blog software behave like a content management system.

I’d love for any of you to go to my site and take a look around. Keep in mind that although things are a bit rough right now, I’m working on them. My slideshow is up on my front page with three images as a test, more will be added shortly. My galleries are not up yet, but should be within a day or two. I’m thinking of running a contest/poll to choose which images make the cut – let me know what you think.

I’m off to bed with sinus medication – see you soon!

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I’m currently 2 weeks behind! I have both photowalks shot – that’s the easy part. The older one, 2 weeks ago, is a selection of the Easter pictures I took of the kids searching for treats and eggs.

Last weeks photowalk just got shot last night when Sam and I took the kids to a school playground with a pizza. The sun was setting, the light was amazing and I got quite a few good shots – at least I hope I did – I took almost 400 captures!

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With the zoom effect done, our 6 Image Expressions classes are over. I have two double workshops coming up as well, one on composition and one on people. However, here are the images from my most recent photowalk. This may end up being a two-part post if my HDR shots of a creek this morning work out, I bracketed 6 exposure values of the same shot and am hoping I can create something cool out of them in Photomatix or something similiar. We’ll see whether it ends up looking natural or comic-book inspired.

Today’s zooming shots were inspired by lyrics – “Worker Bees” by Billy Talent – here is the chorus:

And we’ll march… along, with our blindfolds on
And we’ll ride… the rails, with our pistols drawn
Can the Lord… above, forgive what we’ve done?
Can we fight to save our souls?

So, here are the images. This is titled “Ride the Rails” and is inspired in part by the quote above, take from that what you will.

Train Zoom Effect

And edited to BW with some adjustments:
Ride the Rails

As always, feel free to chime in via the comments!

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I have been a seller on snapixel.com for a while. While I’ve yet to make a sale, so far I’ve been reasonably happy with how they seem to do business. They’re open, they respond to emails, and they seem like good people.

I like sites that seem like good people. Flickr gets my traffic, and my suggestions and references to other people. I print through moo.com and I love them, mostly because of their public attitude, but also because of their behind the scenes emails etc. that I’ve exchanged with various people working for them etc.

So today on flickr, I was surprised to see this post (retweeted by @snapixel):
RT @abstracts: RT @lazytweet: [from @kevwil] is @snapixel a rights grab? not sure what to think of their TOS & Licence Thoughts?

So, I of course replied, my interest piqued.

I don’t see @snapixel as a rights grab, I think the TOS and Licence are fair. I’m intrested to know concerns @abstracts @lazytweet @kevwil

I got the following response:

RT @suprspi: I don’t see @snapixel as a rights grab, I think the TOS and Licence are fair. — Have you read para 2.1? — @lazytweet @kevwil

So, I dutifully trotted off and read the offending paragraph. Warning, legalese ahead!

“2.1 Licensor hereby grants to Snapixel the non-exclusive, worldwide sub-licensable right and license, with respect to all intellectual property rights, to make, use, sell, copy, market, distribute, modify, create derivative works, and publicly perform and display all Content uploaded by Licensor through any and all modes of distribution now known or hereafter existing. Licensor further grants to Snapixel a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and sub-licensable license to use Licensor’s trademarks, names, and likeliness along with associated goodwill in connection with the Content and its promotion; such usage shall inure to Licensor’s benefit.”

Hmm. It doesn’t seem to bad to me. Non-exclusive, gives them a bunch of rights, but hey, they need them to pass them on right? And, what if they want to do something with my photos to benefit me, for instance putting them on the front page, watermarked with a link to my portfolio and a cool saying plastered across.

But, in the interest of interesting (to me) conversation and discussion I figured I’d keep the discussion going.

@abstracts 2.1 seems fairly boilerplate for any img sharing/selling site – non excl, I’m not sure how they could sell/display w/o @snapixel

And the reply:

@suprspi Its not the exclusive part – what about the right to create derivitive works for example?

Hmm. True. Do they need that right to sell it? I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know. Do they need to to modify an image to promote you? For instance, like I mentioned above, Snapixel quite often features images that link back to a seller or sharer’s portfolio, sometimes with a word or phrase on it to attract interest. Is that needed? I really don’t know but I kept the discussion flowing:

@abstracts here is a page comparing facebook to flickr et al. http://alturl.com/8mbx @snapixel seems similiar – what am I missing?

Then, I suggested moving the discussion to blogs, so it’s in one place with more than 140 characters. Twitter is fun and viral, but it’s not really a good forum for in depth discussions.

I did get these responses though:

@suprspi @snapixel I know – they all do the same but doesn’t mean it’s right! Each must make own choice and decide if price worth paying


@suprspi @snapixel @lazytweet @kevwil also too late now in UK – leave you all to discuss 😉

Snapixel also posted a response that looked like this:

@kevwil @abstracts We have licenses for photographers sharing and selling. Two specific agreements. We’re not a .. http://bit.ly/bajHbn

So – we get to this point. Does Snapixel, or any image provider, need these rights? Is it a rights grab? My gut says no, but then, I’m not a lawyer, just a photographer interested in copyright law.

I’d like to invite @abstracts and @snapixel to comment on this post, or to send a followup email with their points and arguments which I will post as it’s own post with a link back to your site/blog etc. I find this to be a very interesting and pertinent discussion topic in these modern days of social media, image sharing and all the web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?) stuff going on.

There is some interesting followup discussion going on here: http://www.lazytweet.com/post/10324633800 Especially the paragraph by @snapixel:

@abstracts We have licenses for photographers sharing and selling. Two specific agreements. We’re not a rights grab. Plan on selling photos? See our content submission agreement: http://bit.ly/ag7btp 1. Ownership. Except as otherwise mutually agreed upon, Licensor will remain the exclusive owner of all rights, titles and interests, including copyright, in and to all Contents. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, no title or copyright is granted or transferred to Snapixel or any third party. Snapixel shall obtain Licensor’s prior written approval before Snapixel distribute the Content for the purposes of resale or re-license.

So readers – any thoughts? Feel free to chime in!

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