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I need your help. See – I’m really indecisive – I guess it’s part of being a Libra.

I’m entering the Photolife Emerging Photographer of the Year contest – open to Canadian photographers only. I’m going to need to submit 3 of my photographs for judging – they of course, should be my “best of the best”.

I’m thinking of using my photograph “Trust – Split Toned” as one of my submissions. “Frostflowers” has gotten good reviews as well, it’s my photograph that has been published in Snapixel Magazine.

I’m torn for what my 3rd choice should be. Any suggestions?

While you’re at it, feel free to suggest any of my other photographs for my first two submissions as well – these are not set in stone yet.




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Some quick updates to post here regarding my status on my 52 weeks project, my course and upcoming posts.

1) 52 weeks. I have week 7 shot from last weekend. We went out to Heritage Acres for a photoshoot location after my last Image Expressions course. I got some shots worth sharing here as my photowalk for week 7. I hope to have a couple edited and uploaded tonight while we watch TV. Next photowalk will be this Sunday, also during our Image Expressions class.

As an addendum, I really like having these free weeks of forced photowalks – they make the project easier to get rolling by building a schedule – I go out and shoot from 2-4/5ish on Sundays. Perhaps keeping that schedule afterwords will be awesome. We shall see.

2) Image Expressions.
This is a 6 week class plus 4 workshops course that I am taking from one of the local photographers I really admire. Tineke of Northern Persona Photography has become a sort of mentor to me in my photography. She seems to think more of my work and technical ability than I do – but it’s nice to have someone I admire also like what I’m doing – it’s a validation of sorts. My family has to like what I do. (Or at least say they do…. *grin*) Having an independent source also like my work is a nice uplifting experience.

3) Upcoming posts.
Photowalk 7 of 52 upcoming, as well as 8 of 52 being shot this weekend. I also have a post I’m working on regarding calibration and colour and my computer. I’m having an issue with photoshop/lightroom that when I export photos they look great to me, and viewing them in firefox after being uploaded they look awesome. However, if you look at them in Internet Explorer they look, frankly, like ass. I think it has something to do with ICC Profiles and the fact that I export everything, I think, in AdobeRGB2. That might be my issues. Also, different printers will print my photos differently depending on who I send them to. I need to send them to a calibrated lab and see what results – then I can more closely calibrate my monitor etc. So – post to come with screenshots etc as to the difference. If you have any updates please feel free to comment or email me. For a quick preview open up the two browsers I mentioned and look at my flickr stream (linked on the right). The different versions of the “knife” photo and “Sam with red apple” should be pretty apparent.

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