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I need your help. See – I’m really indecisive – I guess it’s part of being a Libra.

I’m entering the Photolife Emerging Photographer of the Year contest – open to Canadian photographers only. I’m going to need to submit 3 of my photographs for judging – they of course, should be my “best of the best”.

I’m thinking of using my photograph “Trust – Split Toned” as one of my submissions. “Frostflowers” has gotten good reviews as well, it’s my photograph that has been published in Snapixel Magazine.

I’m torn for what my 3rd choice should be. Any suggestions?

While you’re at it, feel free to suggest any of my other photographs for my first two submissions as well – these are not set in stone yet.




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Yesterday inspired me. My mind has been roiling today because I love one of my shots from yesterday so much. I cannot wait to see what the other members of the class came away with, as for me, it was a landmark day.

Our minishoot during class was to imply motion with a slow shutter speed. Tineke gave us an extra challenge – shoot a promo shot for her to choose from with her still and people around her moving. We all got to be the photographer and direct our own shoot, and she was the model. Everyone else subbed as extras for the shoot during each persons turn.

I had three distinct things I wanted to do.

1) Tineke lying on the ground with people moving around her. I did this with feet and her against a brick background.

2) Tineke in a street/plaza leaning on something with people moving past. (for the record, this one failed on every shot due to camera shake.)

3) Tineke on a street, against a wall, high fashion style. People walking past. (My keeper is from here.)

Additionally I did a shot of her on some stairs with people walking below. It’s not my favourite but it’s technically ok, so I’ve kept it. I just don’t know what to do with it or how to crop it due to my poor framing.

I had fun – here are my shots for week 10 – let me know what you think.

Tineke Street Photog
This is my absolute favourite. High contrast and a little bit of post processing and tone mapping to enhance contrast and colour.

Tineke Stairs
Stairs. Kind of blah. My fault for framing poorly. It’s still a worthwhile photo, just not tops.

Tineke Laying 2
A vibrance/saturation enhanced version of Tineke on the ground shooting up. I like it, but I don’t love it.

Tineke Laying 1
Almost the same as before, not as saturated. I need to play with PP and cropping on these to see if I can make something better.

In case you missed it – I had FUN doing these. They left me so darn INSPIRED that my head has not stopped buzzing all day. I’m happy with week 10. Very happy. And I hope you enjoyed.

PS – get out and shoot. “Just do it”, as Nike says. Sometimes you have a day like I did, and you feel so much more awesome for doing it.

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For photowalk 4 of 52 we decided to take the kids to a park.  We live in central BC, Canada so this time of year is pretty chilly. (It’s actually been unseasonably warm these last two weeks and just got down closer to average temperature just before we went on this outing.)  The temperature was about -11C, which works out to 12F.

We bundled the kids up in their outdoor clothes, brought along the new puppy and went to play on the equipment.  The photos below are the first 4 keepers, I have about 4 more to do editing on.  They will go on my flickr, and may make up a second post on here.

The reason I decided to shoot the kids for this one is that I have the most trouble with kid photography. I love the idea, and want to do it, but the images never work out in real life the way they do in my mind. This day was a success for me, and I’m very happy with the pictures I have of my kids from it.

Again I’ve been using a new post processing workflow.  First I edit in lightroom for exposure etc.  Then I open the image in a .TIFF in photoshop and play around with that, mostly still using the actions from mcpactions.com  Touch of Light/Dark and the free Gallery Frames are my go-to for this – I may have to invest in a couple of her actions in the near future.

This first one of Dylan is my favourite of the day so far. This was a challenging post production shot because of the high contrast of sunny spots on her face etc. I used lots of touch of light to lighten the shadowed parts of her face and coat, and lots of touch of dark to darken the sunny spots and background to bring everything just a little closer together contrast wise.
Walk4of52 - DylanPeek

My second favourite of the day is Ivy climbing down the cable net. This one got a strong vignette when I was done, as well as lots of touch of light on her coat to really make it pop. The rest of the image got treated to touch of dark – mostly to highten the contrast of the pink jacket against the background.
Walk4of52 - IvyClimb

This one of Dylan I cleaned up her face lots – to my eye it looks pretty good, but to someone more discerning perhaps my stamp skills are not as good. It’s something I’m working on. Otherwise, a little lightening, but most of the PP was just to clean her face up.
Walk4of52 - DylanSwing

And last but not least is Ivy on the slide. It’s my least favourite of the completed shots, but I was most excited while taking it. I’m not sure why, it just didn’t turn out in my mind the way I’d have liked it to. It’s still good enough to share however.
Walk4of52 - IvySlide

And there we go – the first batch from photowalk 4. This is the first photowalk that I’ve had so many keeper images from – and it’s one of the most challenging things for me to shoot – kids. They just move so fast!

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My computer is broken. I’m using my wife’s, but that means no more lightroom for me until I get my computer fixed.

In related news the courier today left us a tag to pick up my parcels instead of the parcels – my wife was home, but they obviously thought knocking or ringing the bell was too difficult.

The parcels contained me new motherboard, ram and processor for my computer upgrade. Combine that with the new 60gb SSD (solid state drive, hard drive made of flash memory) and my new-ish 1TB drive and a copy of windows 7 and I’ll be up and running with a far better computer. Some time next week.

This doesn’t stop the 52 week photowalk project though, it just delays the posting of the pictures. As soon as I have my computer again my lightroom will have to get fired up right away so I can catch up.

Now it’s time to think about what I’m going to do for a walk this weekend. Something with the kids, and it’s supposed to be warm. Hmmm…ideas!

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