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Last night I went to a workshop run by Northern Persona Photography, called Photographing People. It was excellent! 6 hours of learning, combined with some fun exercised to break up the pure lecturing time and a photoshoot at the end.

Samantha came to be my model and we had an hour at an awesome property. Her outfit was stellar and worked with so many backgrounds there. My favourites were the old wood buildings though, by far. Here are a couple of the images we took as my 20th photowalk.

By the way, I realize I’m out of order – but I wanted to get back on track. I have a more photowalks done that need to be posted so expect some catchup in the upcoming days.

Sam 2
I loved the wall texture and colour in this one.

Sam 3
Black and White crop and edit of the previous. I wanted to pull in tighter and focus on her eyes.

Sam 7
Her favourite of the shoot. I love the composition and mood of this photo.

Sam 8
My favourite of the shoot. I like her body shape and pose, and the mood evoked here as well.

I hope you enjoy!


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Up to date as of this post! This one was shot last night – Sam and I went and picked up a pizza and took the girls to a local schoolyard for a picnic. We had lots of fun, the girls are fearless now that they’ve both done a few seasons of gymnastics. (1 season = 3 months or so)

We did lots of playing on the tire swings, then I got some neat silhouettes of my girls playing against the setting sun, and a couple abstract shots of a cool rocket shaped monkey bar contraption.

Afterwords we showed the girls the tunnel under the highway, and the setting sun lighting it up was too good of light to pass up, I had to get a family shot. Minus me of course, no tripod or remote for me to be in the pic too – still, I’m happy with the outcome.

As always, let me know what you think – I love comments!

Kids Tire Swing 2
First shot of the girls swinging on the tire swing. I burned a lot of exposures trying to get a couple of good ones here, accounting for all the motion and the contrast of the bright setting sun and the shady area they kept swinging into.

Kids Tire Swing 1
I can see your feet from here. I may have been laying in pea gravel for this shot. And from the smell of the schoolyard, I think I know why they call it pee gravel. *grin*

Sam on Tire Swing
My beautiful wife, sitting on the tire swing.

Rocket Sillhouette
Abstract rocket silhouette, with sun starburst. Thanks Tineke for teaching me that technique!

Jumping Sillhouette 2
Playing in the sunset.

Jumping Sillhouette

Family Portrait in Tunnel
Family shot – the light in this tunnel was fantastic. The reflections in Ivy’s glasses are awesome!

Thanks for reading. I’ll try not to get too far behind again in the future. I hope you all enjoyed the mass of posts tonight!

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Here are a couple of random photos. The first is a shot of a friend’s dad at a church event last weekend. Their church was having a garage sale, so we stopped by to buy some hotdogs and an awesome change table (for a dollar! what!) that Sam is busy turning into a change table / laundry hamper.

I did some quick PS edits and put a frame on.


The second is as shot of my girls (Ivy in back, Dylan in middle and their friend Anna in front) playing in the princess tent Dylan got for her birthday.

I originally wanted to fake some wide aperture and selectively focus on Anna’s face. Instead, I decided to make it a little fancier and simulate a tilt-shift lens with a vertical focal plane. Then I put a frame on it (one of my favourites lately) and posted it to share with all of you.

Girls Tent Birthday

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I just played tonight with an image I liked from the other night’s impromptu portrait session with my nephew. The image wasn’t perfect because of some junk in the shed behind him.

I boosted the contrast quite a bit, upped the exposure a tad and played with the tone curve fairly dramatically. I emphasized the shadows while only bringing a touch of emphasis to the highlights. I cropped it a bit and rotated it about 30 degrees or so.

Then I played with some actions to accentuate some blur, increased the image size and applied a frame.

I hope you enjoy.

D in Door

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On Monday we got the family together for a pub night. Deep fried goodness of all sorts of flavours, made especially awesome considering much of my extended family is wheat-allergy conscious.

Before we did that, and after I helped move some dressers (who neesd a gym membership?) I took my nephew D out for a impromptu portrait session. The fading sunlight was nice, but a little harsh so I tried to shoot mostly in shadow. I’d have killed for a reflector and a translucent screen to soften the light and provide a bit of wind protection in eyes, D had a hard time not squinting for some shots.

I got some shots I’m happy with – my main goal was to duplicate a shot Tineke from Northern Persona did of me on some stairs. I got a fair degree of satisfaction from that shot, and on the way got a couple of other keepers.

The odd shot out is my other nephew R. He was shy of being photographed and only let me shoot one quick snap – of course, I was metered for full shade so he’s overexposed. I still like the shot though, he’s a very photogenic little boy.

So, without further ado – photowalk 13.

Demetris on Hammock
Reclining on the hammock. Tried to use leading lines as a background to draw attention to his face. Ok shot, D was still getting comfortable with me asking him to move his head this way and that, and to smile more like this or that.

Demetris on Stairs
The shot Tineke did of me for my headshots session – duplicated for D. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say. I’m happy with it to an extent, the things I don’t like are primarily situational -I’d have liked grungier, more urban looking stairs and background.

Demetris on Stairs 2
Crop of previous to fill the frame with D’s face. This one is ok to me, but it’s a little “in your face”.

Demetris on Grass
D laying on the grass. This was the shot he had a hard time not squinting as the wind was blowing over his face and making his eyes tear up. We did the close eyes until I count trick and got some keepers, but a translucent screen would have helped to soften the light and provide a slight windbreak.

Demetris on Grass 2
Crop shot of the above – I like this one about as much – the frame is more full, but I can’t crop it to center him the way I like w/o leaving a frame edge too close to part of him or making it feel too panoramic.

Roarke Overexposed
D’s younger brother R. Such a photogenic boy, too bad I was shooting full manual and didn’t have time to adjust my exposure before I snapped this quick shot. I love his eyes and windblown hair. This one is a keeper to me even if the exposure isn’t perfect.

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Yesterday inspired me. My mind has been roiling today because I love one of my shots from yesterday so much. I cannot wait to see what the other members of the class came away with, as for me, it was a landmark day.

Our minishoot during class was to imply motion with a slow shutter speed. Tineke gave us an extra challenge – shoot a promo shot for her to choose from with her still and people around her moving. We all got to be the photographer and direct our own shoot, and she was the model. Everyone else subbed as extras for the shoot during each persons turn.

I had three distinct things I wanted to do.

1) Tineke lying on the ground with people moving around her. I did this with feet and her against a brick background.

2) Tineke in a street/plaza leaning on something with people moving past. (for the record, this one failed on every shot due to camera shake.)

3) Tineke on a street, against a wall, high fashion style. People walking past. (My keeper is from here.)

Additionally I did a shot of her on some stairs with people walking below. It’s not my favourite but it’s technically ok, so I’ve kept it. I just don’t know what to do with it or how to crop it due to my poor framing.

I had fun – here are my shots for week 10 – let me know what you think.

Tineke Street Photog
This is my absolute favourite. High contrast and a little bit of post processing and tone mapping to enhance contrast and colour.

Tineke Stairs
Stairs. Kind of blah. My fault for framing poorly. It’s still a worthwhile photo, just not tops.

Tineke Laying 2
A vibrance/saturation enhanced version of Tineke on the ground shooting up. I like it, but I don’t love it.

Tineke Laying 1
Almost the same as before, not as saturated. I need to play with PP and cropping on these to see if I can make something better.

In case you missed it – I had FUN doing these. They left me so darn INSPIRED that my head has not stopped buzzing all day. I’m happy with week 10. Very happy. And I hope you enjoyed.

PS – get out and shoot. “Just do it”, as Nike says. Sometimes you have a day like I did, and you feel so much more awesome for doing it.

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