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Wow. I’m really behind.

I’m two photowalks behind – I have one of them shot and unedited, and one is not even shot yet.

I did a photoshoot for a client last weekend that I still have to edit. I also did a marathon shoot with Tineke from Northern Persona Photography last Sunday. We did 14 photoshoots in one day. 12 of them were 1/2 hour shoots and 2 were hour long ones. Lots of great people, lots of great kids!

I had a great time, and got a bit of a sunburn. It was kind of nice for me that the light wasn’t perfect – it was super sunny and nice! Not only did I get to hang out on a gorgeous day pursuing my passion, I got paid for it! Yep – I’m subcontracting my services as a photographers assistant to Tineke this year. I’m gaining some valuable insight on shooting people, and lots of other great little tips and tricks to pick up.

As for the light being not perfect – because it wasn’t I had to work a lot harder than I might have otherwise have had to – but the bonus is that we got to do some cool stuff. I’ll be investing in some different shaped and sized reflectors after that marathon shoot – the one I packed around for Tineke was awesome. I used it to shade her when she was shooting into the sun – acting as a gigantic mobile smart lens hood. (well, sort of smart).

I used it to reflect cool coloured light onto our subjects – usually lighting up a face to remove contrasting shadows. This is done with the silver side of the reflector.

I used it to bounce cool coloured light up onto people’s hair from behind when shooting into a building, creating a rimlight or hairlight and creating separation and definition of the subject from the dark shadowy background.

I used it to climb up high, balance on a fence or to contort myself into other interesting positions to put the reflector between the sun and the subject, creating shade.

It was a good time. However, it made me late for my 52 week project. Ah well, some things can’t be helped.

I’ve also been putting a fair amount of time into my new website for my business – you can find it at jclossphoto.com – it also has a blog and it WordPress powered, Photocrati themed, hosted by Defiance Art & Designs.

Oh yeah – to top it all off I contracted a sinus infection midweek last. So I’ve been battling that as well – it’s not been an easy bit of time lately, but it has been rewarding.

I’ll get my next photoshoot done asap, and get my previous one edited. I’ll also share a couple of the images from the real-estate shoot when I’m done editing them – possibly showing what makes them different from quick point & shoot pictures taken by an average real estate agent.

Until then….


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On Monday we got the family together for a pub night. Deep fried goodness of all sorts of flavours, made especially awesome considering much of my extended family is wheat-allergy conscious.

Before we did that, and after I helped move some dressers (who neesd a gym membership?) I took my nephew D out for a impromptu portrait session. The fading sunlight was nice, but a little harsh so I tried to shoot mostly in shadow. I’d have killed for a reflector and a translucent screen to soften the light and provide a bit of wind protection in eyes, D had a hard time not squinting for some shots.

I got some shots I’m happy with – my main goal was to duplicate a shot Tineke from Northern Persona did of me on some stairs. I got a fair degree of satisfaction from that shot, and on the way got a couple of other keepers.

The odd shot out is my other nephew R. He was shy of being photographed and only let me shoot one quick snap – of course, I was metered for full shade so he’s overexposed. I still like the shot though, he’s a very photogenic little boy.

So, without further ado – photowalk 13.

Demetris on Hammock
Reclining on the hammock. Tried to use leading lines as a background to draw attention to his face. Ok shot, D was still getting comfortable with me asking him to move his head this way and that, and to smile more like this or that.

Demetris on Stairs
The shot Tineke did of me for my headshots session – duplicated for D. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say. I’m happy with it to an extent, the things I don’t like are primarily situational -I’d have liked grungier, more urban looking stairs and background.

Demetris on Stairs 2
Crop of previous to fill the frame with D’s face. This one is ok to me, but it’s a little “in your face”.

Demetris on Grass
D laying on the grass. This was the shot he had a hard time not squinting as the wind was blowing over his face and making his eyes tear up. We did the close eyes until I count trick and got some keepers, but a translucent screen would have helped to soften the light and provide a slight windbreak.

Demetris on Grass 2
Crop shot of the above – I like this one about as much – the frame is more full, but I can’t crop it to center him the way I like w/o leaving a frame edge too close to part of him or making it feel too panoramic.

Roarke Overexposed
D’s younger brother R. Such a photogenic boy, too bad I was shooting full manual and didn’t have time to adjust my exposure before I snapped this quick shot. I love his eyes and windblown hair. This one is a keeper to me even if the exposure isn’t perfect.

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