Up to date as of this post! This one was shot last night – Sam and I went and picked up a pizza and took the girls to a local schoolyard for a picnic. We had lots of fun, the girls are fearless now that they’ve both done a few seasons of gymnastics. (1 season = 3 months or so)

We did lots of playing on the tire swings, then I got some neat silhouettes of my girls playing against the setting sun, and a couple abstract shots of a cool rocket shaped monkey bar contraption.

Afterwords we showed the girls the tunnel under the highway, and the setting sun lighting it up was too good of light to pass up, I had to get a family shot. Minus me of course, no tripod or remote for me to be in the pic too – still, I’m happy with the outcome.

As always, let me know what you think – I love comments!

Kids Tire Swing 2
First shot of the girls swinging on the tire swing. I burned a lot of exposures trying to get a couple of good ones here, accounting for all the motion and the contrast of the bright setting sun and the shady area they kept swinging into.

Kids Tire Swing 1
I can see your feet from here. I may have been laying in pea gravel for this shot. And from the smell of the schoolyard, I think I know why they call it pee gravel. *grin*

Sam on Tire Swing
My beautiful wife, sitting on the tire swing.

Rocket Sillhouette
Abstract rocket silhouette, with sun starburst. Thanks Tineke for teaching me that technique!

Jumping Sillhouette 2
Playing in the sunset.

Jumping Sillhouette

Family Portrait in Tunnel
Family shot – the light in this tunnel was fantastic. The reflections in Ivy’s glasses are awesome!

Thanks for reading. I’ll try not to get too far behind again in the future. I hope you all enjoyed the mass of posts tonight!


Time for a bit of catchup.

For my photowalk 14 I shot our families Easter festivities. Here are my keepers from the morning, hunting for eggs and treats the Easter Bunny hid throughout the house and front yard.

Easter Photowalk 1
Nephews clue, left by the Easter Bunny – it eventually led to a sugary prize!

Easter Photowalk 2
Did the bunny hide eggs in this fancy house?

Easter Photowalk 3
Lets go! Maybe they’re down here!

Easter Photowalk 4
I think she’s found an egg!

Easter Photowalk 5
Hmm…Bunnies like brush and bushes – maybe he put one over here. One of my three nephews who were staying with us, searching.

Easter Photowalk 6
Here, you can have this one.

Little Edit

I found a tutorial to colorizing using a gradient in Photoshop. In fact, if you want to do it, you can find the tutorial right here: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/gradient-map/

I followed the instructions, and decided to apply the effect with a Purple to Orange to Green gradient. Sounds a bit like vomit, but I have to say, the final effect turned out nice. It ended up being a bit of a sepia-tone effect. I had chosen a still life shot I made in Barkerville, British Columbia last summer. The school bell is surrounded by some slate tablets and aprons. I stacked the tablets pretty after the kids were finished with them and snapped off some quick shots. I’m most impressed with how the monochrome effect really made the texture stand out.

Here is what I ended up with. Hope you enjoy.

School Bell Colorized

Must Do Updates!

I’m currently 2 weeks behind! I have both photowalks shot – that’s the easy part. The older one, 2 weeks ago, is a selection of the Easter pictures I took of the kids searching for treats and eggs.

Last weeks photowalk just got shot last night when Sam and I took the kids to a school playground with a pizza. The sun was setting, the light was amazing and I got quite a few good shots – at least I hope I did – I took almost 400 captures!


One of my photos from my portfolio website, Snapixel.com, was chosen for the latest issue of the Snapixel Magazine. Issue 2 is about landscapes.

When you think of a landscape, what do you imagine? Mountain ranges and burnt red rocks? Sandy coastlines and splashing waves? Perhaps you see lightning, heavy flakes of snow or bustling cityscapes. In the following pages, you’ll experience the stunning diversity and beauty of our planet through the eyes of photographers from across the globe. Saturated in color and vitality, these are images not to be missed.

You can view the whole magazine online – and there is some great photography in it, if I do say so myself. Quite honestly, I’m very proud to be featured beside the other great photographers in the magazine. I guess we’re all our own harshest critics.

Soon it will be available for on-demand print publishing – so when it is, feel free to go ahead and pick up a copy for yourself.

Couple of Randoms

Here are a couple of random photos. The first is a shot of a friend’s dad at a church event last weekend. Their church was having a garage sale, so we stopped by to buy some hotdogs and an awesome change table (for a dollar! what!) that Sam is busy turning into a change table / laundry hamper.

I did some quick PS edits and put a frame on.


The second is as shot of my girls (Ivy in back, Dylan in middle and their friend Anna in front) playing in the princess tent Dylan got for her birthday.

I originally wanted to fake some wide aperture and selectively focus on Anna’s face. Instead, I decided to make it a little fancier and simulate a tilt-shift lens with a vertical focal plane. Then I put a frame on it (one of my favourites lately) and posted it to share with all of you.

Girls Tent Birthday


I just played tonight with an image I liked from the other night’s impromptu portrait session with my nephew. The image wasn’t perfect because of some junk in the shed behind him.

I boosted the contrast quite a bit, upped the exposure a tad and played with the tone curve fairly dramatically. I emphasized the shadows while only bringing a touch of emphasis to the highlights. I cropped it a bit and rotated it about 30 degrees or so.

Then I played with some actions to accentuate some blur, increased the image size and applied a frame.

I hope you enjoy.

D in Door