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I found a split-toning tutorial tonight on one of my favourite websites, Digital Photography School. I quickly knocked out 3 images that I had from our recent schoolyard picnic – as this technique works best with silhouettes. Here are my attempts, you can scroll down to my last photowalk to see and compare the originals.

Halo - Split Toned
Halo – Split Toned. Split tone takes the highlights and makes them one colour, and the shadows and makes them a different colour. Black still renders as black, so silhouettes are best suited to this technique.

Trust - Split Toned
Trust – Split Toned

Rocket - Split Toned

Overall, I had fun. I got some photos out of this that I think look fantastic, and I added a new skill to my repertoire. This isn’t something I’d use all the time, but it is a neat trick to know how to pull out every once in a while.

Query. Which one do you prefer out of the three? Or do you like the originals better? My favourite is “Trust” – the super bright colours draw me in. I like the blues as well, and the first one, but the super saturated colours are really where it’s at for me. I’d like your insights as well though.


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Here are a couple of random photos. The first is a shot of a friend’s dad at a church event last weekend. Their church was having a garage sale, so we stopped by to buy some hotdogs and an awesome change table (for a dollar! what!) that Sam is busy turning into a change table / laundry hamper.

I did some quick PS edits and put a frame on.


The second is as shot of my girls (Ivy in back, Dylan in middle and their friend Anna in front) playing in the princess tent Dylan got for her birthday.

I originally wanted to fake some wide aperture and selectively focus on Anna’s face. Instead, I decided to make it a little fancier and simulate a tilt-shift lens with a vertical focal plane. Then I put a frame on it (one of my favourites lately) and posted it to share with all of you.

Girls Tent Birthday

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I just played tonight with an image I liked from the other night’s impromptu portrait session with my nephew. The image wasn’t perfect because of some junk in the shed behind him.

I boosted the contrast quite a bit, upped the exposure a tad and played with the tone curve fairly dramatically. I emphasized the shadows while only bringing a touch of emphasis to the highlights. I cropped it a bit and rotated it about 30 degrees or so.

Then I played with some actions to accentuate some blur, increased the image size and applied a frame.

I hope you enjoy.

D in Door

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